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As a woman on the rise, handle your finances like the boss you are.

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Hey There and Welcome!

I help women entrepreneurs, like you, handle their finances, build their business, and pay the least amount in taxes (legally) so you can live the life of your dreams.

It doesn't matter if you have an e-commerce store, an online business, service provider, or brick and mortar retailer, your numbers are important... taxes are important... accounting is important.

Your business numbers tell a story, do you know what story is being told?

Let's Keep It Simple

My philosophy... Keep It Super Simple!

Let's face it... as an entrepreneur you wear a lot of hats. You outsource what you can and DIY the rest. No shade thrown here.

But there are things in your life you *shouldn't* DIY.

** Handling legal affairs

** Performing your own surgery

** Interpreting the Tax Code for your benefit

Those are high on the list of things you should *not* DIY.

I get it though...

...You have trust issues

...You've heard one to many horror stories about stolen identities

...Your friends and family told you it was easy to DIY

...Your coins aren't quite at the point where you're ready to outsource

Whatever your situation, my goal is to keep it simple, keep the stress away, and the worry at bay.

Hey, I’m Senica and I’m a Tax Accountant.

Accountants and tax preparers are a dime a dozen. Every person… every person…. will have an opinion whether grounded in truth or not. My PSA is vet your sources and be careful who you take advice from. As for me…

I am a nerdy, non-TV watching, orderly person, who loves to inspire, motivate, and solve people’s problems (taxes, that is) with a splash of snark. I’m a degreed accountant, former Government Tax Auditor, and former Criminal Investigator for Tax Crimes. I’ve always had a knack for taking long walks in the park numbers, law, and organization (you need to be organized to keep up with taxes)

You get the benefit of working with a professional (me) who helps you

…make sense of the Tax Code

…keep more cash in your pocket or pocketbook

…makes the entire process easy-peasy lemon squeezy

Now you know the foundation of Simplified Accounting, here’s a thing or 5 about me…

** I am mother to 4 boys – the musician age 12, the athlete age 10, the little brother age 4, and the baby age 1

** I love personality tests

** I am an INFJ/INTJ depending on the day, according to MBTI

** Cancer/Leo cusp

** 4/6 Generator in Human Design

** 3 in Numerology

** 8-7-2-3 in Kolbe

** Order, Love and Creation (or Wisdom depending on the day) in Shift Gifts

Basically… I’m a natural planner, organizer, love to help and heal, and bring ideas to reality

-- I’ve been married and divorced then wrote a book about it. Talk about therapeutic.

-- I’m a serial entrepreneur which has afforded me the opportunity to meet a variety of people, travel, speak, and even mentor other business owners.

-- I secretly wish I could sing and travel the world serenading crowds with my beautiful vocals. In reality, cover your ears if you happen to catch me singing alone. Welp, guess it wasn’t in the cards.

ready to handle your finances like a boss

I see you shaking your head.

I work with women entrepreneurs in a variety of ways from consultations to done-for-you. Because I believe in keeping things simple, I work with you in the manner that works best for you.

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