Jumpstart Your Business Finances

"knowledge is powerful but the application of knowledge is true power"

No matter where you are along the entrepreneurial journey, we all have one thing in common (well probably more)... we have to deal with taxes and accounting!

From selecting the best entity type to payroll to wanting to pay the least amount of taxes (legally).

I already see your eyes getting big and the overwhelm setting in because you don't know what you don't know.

What do you do?

Entrust your baby, your business, to a numbers guru whom you hope has your best interest at heart.

My wish for you is not to blindly trust people because of the letters behind their name or because they worked for the IRS (hey, even the janitor works for the IRS, right).

This is exactly why I created the Jumpstart Your Business Finances program...

I want you to feel empowered by your numbers causing you to be an empowered business owner. What a win-win!

Here's what you get in the program;

New Businesses. For you...

  • 4 1-hour sessions
  • Weekly activities
  • Business creation, planning, and set-up

Established Businesses have a different set of needs. For you...

  • 4 1-hour sessions
  • Weekly activities
  • Review and walk-through of current system
  • Hold your hand to make sure you *understand* your numbers

Investment - $1,495

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