People often ask me why did I choose such a boring and bland field as accounting, more specifically tax accounting. My response is always the same -- numbers and laws intrigue me!

Senica Evans, Enrolled Agent

My name is Senica Evans and I own and operate Simplified Accounting. I was born to do this. 

As a former Revenue Special Agent and Tax Auditor for the Illinois Department of Revenue, I grew tired of working against taxpayers -- many didn't know the first thing about taxes, their rights, or responsibilities. I took a huge leap of faith and opened Simplified Accounting where our mission is to act as a tax GPS for taxpayers directing you through tax problems, correct return preparation, and audit survival. 

Licensed as an Enrolled Agent through the IRS, having passed their rigorous Special Enrollment Examination, your tax problems are in my well capable hands. You are guaranteed to always have the most knowledgeable tax expert on your side as I am constantly staying abreast of changes within the tax code. 

I realized, all too quick, that small business owners faced an accounting concern just as important as taxes -- their books. Having seen my fair share of "shoeboxes", improperly configured QuickBooks files, and overall lack of organization among small businesses, I decided to also create a accounting technology and client accounting services. 

My desire is to help entrepreneurs. Help them in a way so they can focus on exactly what it is they do best. After all, that's the reason you decided to start a business; right?!

Please continue to peruse this site and while doing so, if any questions come up please don't hesitate to contact me at sevans@simplifiedaccount.com. I respond to all emails. 

To an even brighter financial future ...